Dr. Anthony Chang

Pediatric Cardiology, CHOC Children's, Orange, USA
Chairman and founder of AIMed

Common Misconceptions and Future Directions for AI in Medicine: 
A Physician-Data Scientist Perspective


AI has become pervasive in our lives and is beginning to be a promising force in healthcare and medicine. While there is great anticipation that AI will be an essential resource in areas such as medical imaging and decision support, there has been at times an unrealistic hype about AI in biomedicine. In addition, there are a few misconceptions such as AI replacing physicians, especially radiologists and pathologists as well as AI reducing the human aspects of medicine. Lastly, for AI to be a sustained paradigm shift in medicine, both physicians and data scientists need to be working much closer in synergy for the future.


Anthony Chang is currently the Chief Intelligence and Innovation Officer and Medical Director of the Heart Failure Program at Children’s Hospital of Orange County. He has also been named a Physician of Excellence by the Orange County Medical Association and Top Cardiologist, Top Doctor for many years as well as one of the nation’s Top Innovators in Healthcare. He has helped to build a successful cardiology practice as a startup company and was able to complete a deal on Wall Street. He is known for several innovations in pediatric cardiac care, including introducing the cardiac drug milrinone and co-designing (with Dr. Michael DeBakey) an axial-type ventricular assist device in children. He is a committee member of the National Institute of Health pediatric grant review committee and the editor of several textbooks in pediatric cardiology. 

Dr. Chang is the founder and medical director of the Medical Intelligence and Innovation Institute (MI3) that is supported by the Sharon Disney Lund Foundation. The institute is dedicated to implement data science and artificial intelligence in medicine and is the first institute of its kind in a hospital. He intends to build a clinician-computer scientist interface to enhance all aspects of data science and artificial intelligence in health and medicine. He currently lectures widely on big data and artificial intelligence in medicine (he has been called “Dr. A.I.” by the Chicago Tribune and has given a TEDx talk as well as on the Singularity University faculty).

Ivana Bartoletti

Head of Privacy and Data Protection at Gemserv, London, UK
Founder of the Women Leading in AI Network

AI in Healthcare: Ethical and Privacy Challenges


AI holds fantastic promises in health. But with great computing power comes great responsibility to develop the right legal ethical and regulatory framework for the use of algorithms in healthcare. The presentation will focus on the key challenges and solutions to ensure accountability, transparency and fairness in medical AI.


Ivana Bartoletti is the Head of Privacy and Data Protection at Gemserv, and the Founder of the Women Leading in AI Network. An international public speaker and commentator on digital ethics, Ivana Bartoletti regularly features on the BBC, the Guardian, Forbes and other outlets. @IvanaBartoletti www.ivanabartoletti.co.uk