Conference dinner will be served at the Oskoma restaurant located at Mickiewicza 9. The restaurant is easily accessible via tram.

Go to Politechnika (marked with (1) in the map above) or Most Sw. Rocha stop (marked with (2); next to the Ibis hotel), take a tram (line 16), heading to Os. Sobieskiego. After about 10 minutes in a tram you will be at the Most Teatralny stop (marked with (4)). Take a very short work walk to Oskoma (marked with (4)).

Tickets are bought from automated machines found on most (specially marked) buses and trams as well as at most transport stops (marked with an icon with a ticket machine at the map).

To get with taxi to Oskoma indicate "Mickiewicza 9" as your destination.

For more information about moving around Poznań using public transport or taxi/Uber see Travel Information.